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Battle in the last year

Deliciated to West Brook, Dr. Li, who fight with me; to REIZ, Boss Hu, Jack Tao ,Mr Dai and the other friends in Wuxi, who give me endless help; to my parents, who give me endless support, and to my roommate Mr. Jiang. (The above are all pseudonyms, regardless of rank)

I drunk up the last packet of jasmine tea.
The tea, wrapped with the smell of flowers, gladdens the heart and refreshes my mind, which will certainly be memorable. One of my good friends told me that after drinking these hundred balms of jasmine tea, I would forget all the unhappiness and start the next journey of my life.
After all, it’s hard to forget the experience of travel by the lights of the moon and the stars, which leaves deep impression in my mind. I cannot forget this long-term "marathon", the lovely colleagues in every position, as well as hurry to catch the last bus home every day.
From designer to engineer, from Nanjing to Wuxi, the day goes after day, among the mediocrity of mediocrity, I tasted the fragrance of tea together with books and explored the mysteries of the universe in the boundless sea of ​​books. I also considered that why I did not give up on the ideals of meaningless, acting like an "ordinary person", and compromising on life gradually in a comfortable environment. However, I was eager to see, like you, the starry sky that is different from “them”—where the brightest star in the night sky, it will guide me for the brighter future
For a person who stays in his own habitat for a long time, the distant place is more like the seed to be germinated. Therefore, sometimes I may be jealous of the person who is travelling around the world. They can have the opportunity to see the different things, whether in the romantic Turkey or Tokyo, Paris.
Looking forward to the world outside, but I also loves every inch of land where I stand on. Five years ago, I travelled along the Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal, from the unspoiled Lixiahe Plain to the beautiful, glorious Taihu Lake. Maybe it was a good fortune, but no one had ever expected that my life would be branded in the small town which in the south of the coast of the Taihu Lake, and when looking backward, it may be probably writers’ phrase ‘the best time to meet you.’ Well, As the saying goes falling in love with a city because of one person’,but to me, it is probably ‘falling in love with a city because of you.’ Of course, not just this city, when driving in Jiangsu, you will see beauty of Jiangsu, with hope and vitality.
The years' rings are spinning, but I do not want to describe these days of darkness, heavy pressure, they are full of hope. (Of course, it is not the so-called ‘paths of the same age’). This reckless, hard-won year, compared with this long history of fertile soil, is only a drop in the ocean. In the last year, there was not only the passion, but the opportunity to allow me to calmly think and understand:
What kind of person I want to be?
I don't know the answer, but I will understand it eventually.
The gap year is fleeting, and how I wish we could meet in the golden autumn at the shore of the little Li Lake.
Bless you, and bless the pride Automation 1304
Welcome back!
But I never leave!